Laird Superfood™ Original Creamer® is a dairy-free, vegan and gluten-free coffee and beverage enhancer. It combines a unique blend of coconut milk powder and Aquamin™ (a mineral-rich calcified sea algae) with nutrient-packed coconut and red palm oils*.



Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar, Aquamin, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut)Coconut Milk Powder, Organic Coconut Sugar, Aquamin, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut)


Ingredient update- We recently found that the ingredients listed on the packets are different from what is listed directly from Lairds in the US. The ingredients on the back of the packet include small amounts of processing ingredients that do not need to be noted under US regulations. This processing ingredient is Tapioca Maltodextrin. Lairds have issued the below statement for your attention on the matter:


"We do not use nor add any processing aids during our manufacturing process. However, most Coconut Milk Powder suppliers may add small amounts of these aids to assist in flowability. At LSF our suppliers are carefully vetted and may only use the most minimal amount of an approved processing aid to maintain the integrity of the finished product. We are very strict with all suppliers to ensure that no harmful chemicals are used, and it is also noteworthy that not all processing aids are made from harmful ingredients. The processing aids used by any of our suppliers are only naturally occurring/plant based. Furthermore, if present at all, these are only present at an insignificant level. The reason the labels may be different is because Canada defines processing aids a bit differently than the U.S. In the U.S. and Canada, Tapioca Maltodextrin is considered a food. However, unlike in the US where foods can be processing aids, in Canada the two categories are separate, so the Canadian label has the ingredient declared even if it could be present at insignificant levels."

Laird Superfood - Original Creamer Large 227g

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  • "Best creamer on Earth!"

    Review by Irene S. 

    "You can’t get better than this one! The ingredients are clean and healthy and elevate your coffee to perfection level! I also love the chocolate mint one and the macadamia oat original if I don’t want my coffee flavored at all! But I always go back to the original! Love, love, love"


    "So good! I don’t drink"

    Review by Gregory C. 

    "So good! I don’t drink caffeine any longer but I cherish my coffee routine. These superfood creamers have given meaning and purpose to that decaf coffee routine by supplying me with sustained energy throughout the day and an indulgent escape every morning."


    "I make my coffee, pour"

    Review by Beth C. 

    "I make my coffee, pour it in the Bullet and add some creamer.
    S L A M !! I have a fabulous cup of fancy coffee that taste amazing. I was a total dairy heavy cream junkie…. and have been converted.
    It's true, we can change at 59 years old!!"


    "This was my first time"

    Review by Renata W.

    "This was my first time ordering or trying the superfood creamer. It is a little different, but I do like it. I recently gave up sugary creamers and wanted something to kick up my coffee. When I saw all the benefits of the superfoods creamer, I wanted to give it a shot. It might be an acquired taste, but now I really like it. It’s a rich taste that just takes the bitter edge off. I have convinced many of my coworkers to give it a try"


    "Amazing!! I have replaced my"

    Review by Candy C. 

    "Amazing!! I have replaced my old yucky artificial creamer that I used for years to this and now my husband and I are ADDICTED. We feel so good. I drink more tea and stay hydrated. Thank you for making a product that is helping us along our health journey. I tell all my friends and clients about it. Spectacular!"


    "This is the best coffee"

    Review by Scott E.

    "This is the best coffee creamer hands down! I was looking for a more natural replacement to the chemical coffeemate type peoducts but ultimately still wanted the enjoyable decandent morning coffee “dessert” experience I was used too and enjoy. This creamer and mixing it with the high power mixer/whisker is all I need to get and keep my day going! Read more about review stating This is the best coffee

    The creamer has so much substance that I often don’t feel hungry for quite some time which is great too..! Thank you for a great product!!"


    "This is my favorite thing"

    Review by Jennifer E. 

    "This is my favorite thing to wake up to every morning! A cup with fuel to walk my dogs before I’m home to eat and head out the door for my day. Perfectly sweet, lightly textured, and a taste that is natural and deliscious"