Laird Superfood Creamers are crafted from the highest quality all-natural whole food ingredients. All of our products are sustainably sourced and thoroughly tested to ensure that you're incorporating the cleanest, finest fuel into your routine.


If you're living a keto lifestyle and looking for a delicious keto creamer, this is the one for you. While all of our creamers are keto-friendly, this creamer has no added sugar and has a base of coconut milk powder and coconut oil.



Coconut Milk Powder, Aquamin, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut)Coconut Milk Powder, Aquamin, Organic Extra Virgin Coconut Oil. Contains: Tree Nuts (Coconut)


Ingredient update- We recently found that the ingredients listed on the packets are different from what is listed directly from Lairds in the US. The ingredients on the back of the packet include small amounts of processing ingredients that do not need to be noted under US regulations. This processing ingredient is Tapioca Maltodextrin. Lairds have issued the below statement for your attention on the matter:


"We do not use nor add any processing aids during our manufacturing process. However, most Coconut Milk Powder suppliers may add small amounts of these aids to assist in flowability. At LSF our suppliers are carefully vetted and may only use the most minimal amount of an approved processing aid to maintain the integrity of the finished product. We are very strict with all suppliers to ensure that no harmful chemicals are used, and it is also noteworthy that not all processing aids are made from harmful ingredients. The processing aids used by any of our suppliers are only naturally occurring/plant based. Furthermore, if present at all, these are only present at an insignificant level. The reason the labels may be different is because Canada defines processing aids a bit differently than the U.S. In the U.S. and Canada, Tapioca Maltodextrin is considered a food. However, unlike in the US where foods can be processing aids, in Canada the two categories are separate, so the Canadian label has the ingredient declared even if it could be present at insignificant levels."

Laird Superfood Unsweetened Creamer Large 227gm

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  • "This product is exactly what"

    Review by Debbie D.

    "This product is exactly what I have been searching for. Since starting my plant-based lifestyle I did not want to give up my coffee and was struggling to find a delicious coffee creamer. This coffee creamer is rich and creamy and tastes better than dairy creamer. I add my coffee and the creamer and a little stevia in my bullet blender and it’s fabulous"


    "Fantastic Creamer"

    Review by Debra S. 

    "Taste and nutrition both fall in line with this product."


    "Great tasting creamer!"

    Review by Kayla T.

    "Great tasting creamer!I love the rich coconut taste, sometimes I can't resist and just start eating off my spoon... creamy and very flavorful, yet it doesn't leave you feeling heavy. I also like the minimal ingredient without unnecessary fillers. It's a must-have in my pantry now and I purchase it regularly. ! Having an electric stirrer helps mixing with coffee by the way"


    "Let's be real and call it creamer crack"

    Review by Rachel H. 

    "I love this stuff! I put it in my smooties, my coffee, my tea. The flavor is amazing. I have to keep myself from eating it by the spoonful🤪"


    "Great creamer!!"

    Review by Mary A. 

    "I've recently started an elimination diet. I discovered I am sensitive to dairy. I tried everything....Nutpods...almond So happy I found Laird! Gives the creamy taste and mouth fell of cream...without the dairy. Thanks Laird!!"


    "Unsweetened Superfood Creamer Repeat Customer"

    Review by Juliane F. 

    "I love this creamer and I'm a regular subscriber. I'm on keto and this is the most satisfying replacement I have found. I blend it up so that it has a delicious creamy texture I add my own special sweetener and Yum!"


    "So good!"

    Review by Andrea L. 

    "Love this creamer! Delicious and creamy. Must mix it in well but I can’t start my morning without it"


    "Unsweetened creamer"

    Review by Laura C. 

    "I like it. It's creamy, doesn't change the flavor of my coffee so it's exactly as I prefer. Convenient, perfect for traveling!"