Swanwick's Classic Night Swannies are the one-and-done best life hack for improving your sleep health.


We spent years perfecting our Classic Night Swannies, which have since been proven effective by multiple studies, ensuring you’ll have the edge to maximize your daily performance.

Swanwick's Night Swannies

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  • "Great glasses"

    Review by Cecilia F. 

    "I just got my glasses about a week ago and I felt the effectiveness immediately. My eyes felt more relaxed and I am sleeping more soundly. This is a big help as I typically have my iPad going up until 30 min before bed. So I’m sure I made the right investment."


    "Game changer"

    Review by Nicky W.

    "Overall I've noticed a difference in getting to sleep quicker and staying alseep longer. This is a big change for me as I was waking up at least every 2 hours before trying the glasses. Give them a try and you won't be disappointed"


    "Sleeping quicker once I go to bed. So good I'm going to get another pair for my Dad!"

    Review by Joe N. 

    "These are awesome as someone who uses the computer late at night I no longer go to bed with my eyes hanging out of my head and can get to sleep a lot quicker too. They're a slick design although they do feel slightly delicate, but, that's just a really minor complaint. So good I'm going to get another pair for my Dad!"


    "Get em. You won't be disappointed!"

    Review by Jonathan C.

    "Definitely improved my sleep, which is the sole reason I purchased them. I'm pleased with my purchase and would recommend swannies to someone else with sleep challenges."


    "worth the money."

    Review by Liz V. 

    "seriously comfortable and high quality. i have used other brands before but these are significantly better. i track my sleep data and it is much improved on the nights that i used these glasses"


    "I love them!"

    Review by Carla H.

    "These glasses are great! For me, I set an alarm 3 hours before bedtime and I feel that it has really helped me get to sleep. Which is what I was solving for. I can still watch TV or my computer and I believe that it signals to my brain that it's time to start powering down. For me...it works...I don't lay in the bed for hours trying to fall off to sleep anymore"


    "Invest in the best!"

    Review by Enoch P.

    "Best bluelight eyewear I've invested in. Had 6 pairs from different brands, but felt Swannies had the best product. It was light on my nose bridge, sturdy on my ears, and cooling to my eyes. Even my wife, who is difficult to impress bought two pairs for herself. Great marketing and other health resources (sleep, nutrition, etc.) from Swannies makes it stand apart in this bluelight eyewear world"



    Review by Jan S. 

    "nice fit , light weight, enjoy wearing them I work 12 hr night shift. I wear them home until I am ready to go to sleep. They work well"


    "I LOVE my Night Swannies."

    Review by Karen K. 

    "I LOVE my Night Swannies. I wear them about 1-2 hours after dinner before I go to bed, and as directed, I only take them off after I've turned out the lights and darkened my bedroom. I fall asleep sooner than I have before owning my Swannies, and I feel I sleep more deeply. I really appreciate the fact that they FIT comfortably because I bought another company's all-around blue/green light blocker glasses but the fit was just awful. Swannies are terrific!"