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PrimalHerbs Endo Adrenal; Endocrine Support is carefully formulated to assist with:


Improve and Maintain Adrenal Function

Maintain Proper Metabolism

Support Those Suffering from Adrenal fatigue

Supports a Healthy Stress Response

Balance & Restore Vital Systems Throughout the body


What exactly goes into our Endo Adrenal formula? Each completely natural addition is chosen for its proven effectiveness, safety, research, and historical use.


Ashwagandha, Siberian Eleuthero, Rhodiola Rosea Extract, Schisandra Extract, Cordyceps, Gynostemma, Astragalus & Licorice Root.


1. AshwagandhaWe chose ashwagandha for the top-notch research supporting it as the best herb for the job—that is, for correcting endocrine and adrenal imbalance. Ashwagandha brings hormones back into harmony, dispels stress and anxiety, restores vitality and energy, and keeps thyroid issues at bay.


2. Siberian EleutheroWe add eleuthero next for some extra energy and stamina restoration, since these things can easily get tapped out due to weak endocrine and adrenal fatigue. It will also give metabolism a little boost, where blood sugar levels and even weight may be a concern (especially when trying to find that energy to get back into an exercise and weight loss regimen!).


3. Rhodiola Rosea ExtractRhodiola is added also for the energy it helps reignite in the body. Coupled with eleuthero, even the most sluggish metabolism due to a suffering endocrine system will be kicked back into high gear—not to mention, rhodiola adds in some extra stress-relief, anti-anxiety, and thyroid balancing benefits, making it work well combined with ashwagandha also.


4. Schisandra ExtractLike ashwagandha, schisandra helps reduce cortisol—the stress hormone—that the adrenal glands produce. When experiencing adrenal fatigue, too much of this hormone causes anxiety, burnout, fatigue, and even digestive shut down. Schisandra will also boost overall immunity, helping keep sickness and shut down from wrecking anyone’s schedule.


5. CordycepsCordyceps, eleuthero, and rhodiola all together are the ultimate trio for catalyzing energy in a body experiencing slow metabolism, no doubt due to a stressed endocrine system. Cordyceps especially has the stellar reputation for boosting energy, as well as speeding metabolism for more effective exercise and weight loss.


6. GynostemmaThe anxiety, stress, and fatigue of feeling run down may ultimately be what gets the best of us. Gynostemma can help with this, being a known adaptogen that ameliorates the anxiety and weariness that is all a part of adrenal and glandular fatigue. As an added plus: it also helps regulate blood sugars and the thyroid, too.


7. AstragalusYes, digestive shut down can be a part of stress burnout, adrenal fatigue, and chronic anxiety from being run down. Astragalus will take care of this—especially if part of the problem is lack of appetite due to excess stress. It will restore appetite, boost immunity, and speed up metabolism all at once.


8. Licorice RootTo cover all bases, licorice root is added to make sure immunity is taken care of. All too often, immunity suffers as the result of being overworked and overwhelmed—what’s worse, that gets overlooked. If being sick too often is a problem due to adrenal fatigue, licorice will help immunity combat this, while also supporting thyroid function to an extent.


Endo Adrenal also includes piperine, the active alkaloid chemical found in the rinds of black pepper fruits (or corns). This compound immediately increases the bioavailability of all other powerful plant compounds added to this blend – so you can really feel the difference!

Primal Herb - Endo Adrenal Support

  • "Fabulous product!"

    Posted by Patricia Wootten, INHHC

    "What a great nourishing product for adrenal health! I love the all natural, plant based options here which offer optimum support for the body! This is a fabulous company with superior service that truly cares about its customers to boot!"


    "Retired Registered Nurse"

    Posted by Nancy J. Ellington, RN-ret.

    "More energy & insomnia slowly resolving. Diagnosed as hypothyroid years ago but did not do well on synthetic thyroid. Natural thyroid removed from market unfortunately. So happy to find renewed energy in about 2 weeks time. Also improved sleep. Stressed adrenal glands over time caused gradual onset of high blood pressure, fatigue. In general health has improved, including now normotensive. This is my experience & am delighted to have improved quality of life. Thank you for your pioneering spirit…….."


    "Helps with low adrenal functionality"

    Posted by Robert

    "Have been taking this for a few weeks now. Definitely been able to handle stress better. Co-workers have commented about improved mood."


    "I believe its working"

    Posted by nicole russell

    "I use this product with my dandelion coffee every day and I believe it’s working, my sweating has decreased some and now I’m actually dreaming. I haven’t dreamt in years due to immeasurable amounts of stress and anxiety which led to my adrenal fatigue. I would recommend it"


    "Very happy"

    Posted by Janice

    "I just started endo adrenal a couple of days ago. Call me crazy but I can already feel the difference. Very Happy with this product."


    "A Lifesaver"

    Posted by Natalie H.

    "My body had been stuck in fight or flight mode after a stressful and traumatic series of events. It would take hardly a sound and I’d be triggered into heart palpitations, chest pain, fear, worry, anxiety, panic, and various stomach issues. Endo Adrenal gave me my life back. My body is no longer hair-trigger sensitive to the stresses around me. I look forward to taking it daily as it has increased my quality of life. Thank you Primal herb for helping me achieve this without harmful medications and their disastrous side effects. Healthy Blessings !!!"


    "I am so thankful for EndoAdrenal!"

    Posted by Lori

    "I was struggling horribly with beginning menopause night fire as I call it.. I truly thought the bed was on fire by about 2 am… after three doses and now a full week, I am sleeping through the night. I also have belly fat and bloat no matter what I do. Today marks one week and I feel lighter and different in the middle even if nothing has changed. I am so thankful for EndoAdrenal!"


    "Solid efficacious ingredients"

    Posted by Andrew

    "As someone who diligently researches the ingredients in supplements, this product really does have an effective combination. The taste to me is sweet and not at all hard to drink. No side effects that I know of. I notice a difference in my cognition and mood when I take it."


    "Brain fog is GONE. Daily naps no longer required."

    Posted by Jake

    "I’ve been struggling with severe adrenal issues for many years, which eventually manifested itself in dementia-like symptoms. I had done numerous things to help my body heal itself and was doing much better, but felt I had hit a plateau and was stuck in finishing out my healing. After two weeks of adding Endo Adrenal to my twice daily, whole food, vegan smoothies I realized I was thinking even more clearly and I was able to push myself more than I had been able to in several years without a crash. I normally HAD to take naps when I pushed myself, but I wasn’t needing them like I had in the past. I WISH I’d have known about this when my adrenal issues began. Perhaps my body would have been able to heal sooner!"


    "Game Changer"

    Posted by Emily

    "I’ve only tried Endo adrenal a couple times and I’ve also shared it with a few family members. I’ve been drinking it as a cup of tea and everyone agrees it has a pleasant taste and we could all notice a change in the way we were feeling and for some time afterwards. Relaxed, calm and clear are words that come to mind. I’m a busy working mum and have the tendency to have panic attacks usually when I’m trying to go to sleep along with a feeling of a stressed system during the daytime which really didn’t make me feel fit and healthy like I usually did before this anxiety crept into my life in my mid 20’s. I will keep on using this tea and as I’ve said I’ve already shared it with friends and family who can also share its benefits. It’s definitely helped me to reduce stress and feel better. I think the price is spot on to be honest I’d pay more to have the benefits of this tea. I’m so glad I found it and have it a go. Thanks Primal Herb for creating this and sharing, it’s a brilliant product!"

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