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✓ Gentle Natural Candida Cleanse – Get Rid of Candida

✓ Reduces the severity and occurrence of the symptoms of Candida overgrowth

✓ Parasites and Worm Cleanse

✓ Optimizes healthy digestive function

✓ Reduces bloating and constipation

✓ Fights Yeast Infection

✓ Aid microbiome health

✓ Fights Candida, biofilms and protects against the growth of harmful microorganisms

✓ Aids in waste elimination and colon cleanse

✓ Supports the reduction of thrush

✓ Optimizes healthy blood sugar levels

✓ Supports skin health for healthy and smooth skin




  •    "5 Stars"

    Posted by Loraine

    "Feeling relief from arthritis pain and stiffness after using Chaga. Love to chug my Chaga mixed in my morning coffee."



    Posted by Anthony

    "I use the chega shroom one week on it now I feel great I believe it has released a tapeworm from me.. is it possible.."


    "Excellent Product"

    Posted by Crystal Foell

    "Really like this supplement powder! I add it to my coffee in the morning and it dissolves right in- no extra flavor can be detected. I do feel better when using this and it seems to give me a bit of extra energy to make it through the day. I am terribly caffeine sensitive- so my coffee is decaf- just love the flavor and this supplement does not give me the gitters or create anxiety like caffeine. It actually makes me feel better, more calm and focused. Highly recommended!"


    "I have been using Chaga in my morning and evening ..."

    Posted by Nan Feller

    "I have been using Chaga in my morning and evening smoothies for about a month now. Before I started Chaga my cholesterol was high and my thyroid had been up and down for a couple of years. My last lab result showed that my cholesterol levels were normal range as well as my thyroid levels."


    "Tastes like coffee witch makes it a great substitute for coffee"

    Posted by David

    "This will be the third time we are reordering this product? This is what we put in grandmas coffee we are Armenian and grandma drinks 3-5 cups a day and it was making her ill so what we did is basically swapped out most of the coffee and made a mix of 90% chaga and the rest coffee and it has helped greatly she has not even noticed a diff range in texture or the taste her health has improved greatly…"


    "My husband and I have been using this for about ..."

    Posted by Debra Puckett

    "My husband and I have been using this for about a week now. We both find it gives us more energy that lasts all day. I also find it has helped my mood. It has a pleasant nutty flavor and does well mixed with coffee or tea. I haven’t tried it as a tea by itself, but I am quite sure it would be tasty"


    "dual extraction!!"

    Posted by Ron

    "I love that this is a dual extraction. Most people don’t know that a lot of the good stuff in chaga only comes out in an alcohol extraction. The betulin/betulitinic acid is what fights pathogens. Many other folks selling chaga don’t sell dual extractions, so you aren’t getting all the value."


    "This is a product I will continue to take because ..."

    Posted by Kay

    "This is a product I will continue to take because of all the benefits: some of which are it is anti cancer preventing, immune boosting and anti aging benefits. You want to be sure to take the “extract” powder. May be spendy, but my health is worth it and so it yours."



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