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1. Chaga (Inonotus Obliquus) Extract: 30% Polysaccharides

This medicinal mushroom, hailing from the boreal forests of the Northern Hemisphere, is chosen for this blend – particularly due to its immunomodulating properties, High beta-glucan and Polysaccharide content. It’s well-documented in studies that it may support both underactive immunity and autoimmunity, helping to support a Balanced Immune System.


2. Cracked Shell Reishi Spores

You could easily call this worldly mushroom the King of all Immune-Boosting Mushrooms. The most thoroughly studied for its Adaptogenic and Immune-Modulating qualities, it contains both Beta-Glucans and Polysaccharides that help modulate low immunity and autoimmunity.*


3. Turkey Tail (Coriolus Versicolor) Extract: 30% PolysaccharidesA pretty multicolored mushroom reminiscent of a turkey, its health benefits are definitely nothing to gobble at. Its traditional uses for fighting colds and illness are translated today into research-supported immune powers: enhancing and balancing the immune system, combating viruses, restoring energy, and banishing fatigue in the face of immune issues.*


4. Maitake (Grifola Frandosa) Extract: 30% PolysaccharidesEver heard of maitake mushrooms? Also called hen-of-the-woods, they have amazing amounts of Beta-Glucans, which are beneficial to both an Overactive or Underactive Immune system.*


5. Ashwagandha (Withania Somnifera) Root Extract (20:1)This herbal root is a long-hailed Ayurvedic tonic of India. Used as a nutritious food and tonic, it may have adaptogenic properties that both protect and enhance an overactive or underactive immune system. Further, Ashwagandha is an effective antioxidant, nutrient-rich, well-studied, and widely known for its ability to help restore and improve energy.*


6. Astragalus (Astragalus Membranaceus) Extract: 30% PolysaccharidesUsed for thousands of years in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) for helping support against colds, flu, and more. According to studies, the plant may help stimulate white blood cells, antibodies, and even interferons, all of which readily combat illnesses and viruses.*


7. Burdock (Arctium Lappa) Root Extract (20:1)In many parts of the world, burdock root has been consumed as both a food and for helping restore strength, cleansing the liver, and improving overall health.* Some preliminary studies reveal that this perceived effect of the root on health may be because it boosts immunity. The root has also been studied for its potential anti-inflammatory and blood pressure-lowering effects, yet more properties that could be related to immune protection.*



Bring balance to an imbalanced immune system

Strengthen weak immunity

Curb overactive immunity and autoimmunity

Reduce chronic inflammation and free radical damage

Provide adaptogenic protection

Fortify the body’s ability to cope with stress

Boost energy and vitality

Reduce the chances of infections

Prepare one for colds and flu season

Regulate and lower blood pressure to healthy levels

Strengthen heart health and reduce heart disease risk

Stimulate white blood cells, T cells, antibodies and interferons

Increase one’s ability to handle allergies and reduce allergy symptoms


More on the ingredients

Our Reishi Shroom Complex is pure Duanwood Red Reishi Mushroom!Naturally grown and harvested from hardwood logs in the forest. We only use matured fruiting bodies of Red Reishi – one of the most potent of all the types of Reishi Mushrooms.


We also add equal amounts of Red Reishi Spores, which are very rich in triterpenes, one of the main active compounds in Reishi.* In fact, the spores are far more potent than even the fruiting body.*

Our Reishi Formula contains Red Reishi and Cracked Shell Red Reishi Spores.


30% Polysaccharides

30% Beta-Glucans

5% Triterpenes


No Fillers, No Dying Agents, No Additives, Just 100% Pure Extract

Spores are, however, impossible for humans to digest due to their hard coating. They must be “cracked” by a modern technique to expose the inside of the Spores to our digestive system. Cracked Reishi Spores are prized and are more expensive than Reishi alone.


Reishi Shroom also includes the addition of piperine, the active alkaloid chemical found in black pepper. It immediately increases the bioavailability of the powerful compounds in these mushrooms so that you can feel the difference!


  • "Wonderful product"

    Posted by ildiko CLARFIELD

    "I use several of Primal Herb’s products, but this is my favorite. I love the taste and of course the overall wellness what this product gives me. I use it every day. I feel great and hopefully, never get sick.
    Thank you so much for putting together this health-improving product.
    I highly recommend it for everyone who wants to be healthy!"


    "High quality powder extracts"

    Posted by Ionel

    "This review applies not only to Optimal Immune, but also Neuro Shroom, Prepared He Shou Wu, and Reishi Shroom Complex. One can tell these products are high quality based on the aroma coming off the powder extracts and taste too. I plan to take them long term for immunity and longevity support. Easy to add to the coffee in the morning without affecting the taste, but when I don’t feel like having a hot drink, I encapsulate using 000 size capsules, or make a concentrated brew, let it cool down, and then add it along with instant coffee, and stevia to a sparkling drink."


    "Excellent products"

    Posted by Russ Raiche

    "The Immune formula, as well as several others which I use daily, are wonderful in their combinations of quality mushroom and herbal extracts. I always feel fortified after consuming!"


    Addition to supplements

    Posted by Penny

    "I like the box and spoon that it comes with. I am taking the spoon size and hope it will last 3 months. Volume looks kinda little. I can’t say anything about effectiveness. My sibling is taking it and I thought to add on to my other lingzhi supplement that I already take. It helps build my immune and anti many things to reduce covid symptoms. MG level in serving size is kinda low level. Take time to maintain a good health."


    "Another Great Product Offering"

    Posted by Cam M

    "The products from this company are well done and effective. I definitely notice a difference when taking them."


    "Keeps me healthy"

    Posted by Terry

    "No flu yet while some friends have it. This could be the fix. Dark colored quality product."


    "Seems good so far"

    Posted by Ben

    "I add this to my smoothies, so I cannot say anything about the taste. I use the Immune blend as part of a protocol for my autoimmune digestive disease. It does not upset my GI tract. I never get sick and am basically in remission with my condition. I also add other products, but I intend to include this in my protocol.

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