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PrimalHerb EFFECTIVE, LIVER DETOXIFIER & REGENERATOR is carefully extracted and blended, the benefits can help:


Support, enhance, and optimize liver and kidney function

Supports the body’s natural detoxification and cleansing process

Help renew, repair, and regenerate liver and tissue

Protect the liver from damage and chronic inflammation

Support health liver cells

Reduce the risk of certain liver diseases

Reduces skin problems and acne for glowing skin

Enhances digestive health and improves nutrient absorption

Improve urinary tract function




What exactly goes into our LVR-RENEW formula? Each completely natural addition is chosen for its proven effectiveness, safety, research, and historical use.

addition because of its proven effectiveness, safety, research, and historical use.


1. Turkey Tail Mushroom

Turkey tail provides an essential boost to the liver and kidneys. It also banishes chronic fatigue, inflammation, and other issues of poor liver and kidney health by also simultaneously ramping up immunity. Another great ally against liver cancer and kidney inflammation


2. Cracked Shell Reishi Spores

The most potent preparation of reishi! It is included for yet more optimal liver protection and restoration. Reishi also raises and balances immunity, while lowering cancer risk. It helps heal liver damage and may help reduce the chances of a fatty liver from a poor diet. The spores also support the kidneys and help stop the toxins that can damage them.


3. Milk Thistle

Amplify liver recovery! Milk thistle speeds the healing of any liver damage, rejuvenates liver cells, and brings function back to normal. It protects against all manner of liver illnesses and issues. When used alongside dandelion root, it creates optimal support for the kidneys. The powerful compound in milk thistle, silymarin, is even shown to help fight precancerous activity in the kidneys


4. Poria Extract

A liver and kidney-qi tonic of the highest degree! We added poria based on its strong traditional background for helping both the liver and kidneys. Research also reveals it to be a protective antioxidant and anti-cancer mushroom of epic proportions.


5. Schisandra Extract

Get great mood, energy, and immunity back with the addition of Schisandra to the blend. Schisandra is also an invaluable herbal ally to the liver and kidneys. Protect against free radical damage and accelerate the healing of any current damage or stress with Schisandra.


6. Dandelion Root

If digestive function is also in limbo along with a struggling liver and kidneys, dandelion has it covered. The bitter qualities encourage successful regularity and promote healthy liver cells. It may also help against fatty liver and other sorts of liver damage while aiding the liver’s natural detoxification processes as a gentle diuretic. Its diuretic effects support kidney health and helps protect from kidney damage.


7. Licorice RootLicorice sweetens the deal with its added immune support and hormone balancing capabilities. It also directly protects the liver and kidneys and has been proven in research to help speed healing to both organs.